Silicone vacuum cups

Silicone vacuum cups

Bellows vacuum cups, universal, 1.5 folds SBU1

Bellows vacuum cups, universal, 2.5 folds SBU2

Bellows vacuum cups, universal, 3.5 folds SBU3

Universal flat vacuum cups SFU-A

Flat vacuum cups with curved lip SFU-D

Flat vacuum cups with long shaft SFU-L

Flat vacuum cups with double safety sealing lips SFU-S

Bellows vacuum cups, modular SP-B

Flat vacuum cups, modular SP-F

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 folds SBF-A

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 folds SBF-B

Bellows vacuum cups 4.5 folds SBF-c

Oval vacuum cups, flat, universal SO-FU

Oval vacuum cups, flat, universal SO-BU

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 and 2.5 folds SV-BV

Flat vacuum cups with fully assembled fitting – SP-F

Universal flat vacuum cups in even or supported design.
Series with sensing valve prevents dropping of the product if individual vacuum cups in a system are not in contact with the product.
Version: Complete with vacuum cup fitting and filter screen.
  • High suction force
  • Fast cycle times possible
  • Very resistant to wear (Tepuflex®)
  • Compatible with established products from other vendors

Overview of vacuum cups material form FIPA