FIPA offers a wide range of ejectors generating negative pressure in various performance classes and fields of application. The assortment includes single and multi-chamber ejectors, compact ejectors, inline ejectors, heavy-duty ejectors, and feed ejectors.

FIPA line ejectors are compact and efficient vacuum generators used to carry light objects. FIPA inline ejectors are successfully used in Pick & Place applications, in the electronics industry, in systems for transferring sheet metal and plastic components and in automated injection molding machines.

FIPA inline ejectors are equipped with venturi tubes and have high suction power at short cycle times. They can be mounted on pneumatic lines or directly on the vacuum cups - FIPA inline ejectors are the ideal solution for limited space. The inline ejectors will work well in work with air permeable products and those to which the suction cups adhere tightly.

The extensible EIL inline ejectors allow direct vacuum monitoring by connecting the vacuum circuit-breaker and by maximizing the cycle time by activating the blow-off function.

Single-stage FIPA ejectors, also called mini-ejectors, can be mounted directly to the vacuum cup or solenoid valve. Single-stage ejectors with blow-off function are suitable for very dynamic robotic applications such as Delta robots. Vacuum is produced in them very quickly, and the times of the gripping cycles and the parting cycles are kept to a minimum.

The blow-off function is realized by means of a micro-valve integrated with the ejector housing. As a result, the ejection jet is supplied not only with compressed air, but also with air flowing from the environment. As a result, the single-stage FIPA ejector with blow-off function can shorten the cycle time and improve the precision of gripping and deposition.

The FIPA offer also includes miniature ejectors EBM, which are designed for installation in tight spaces. EBM ejectors are equipped with a quick-to-change, unscrewed silencer, which ensures minimal downtime.

FIPA multi-stage ejectors are also called multi-chamber ejectors. The air passes through the subsequent chambers of the ejector nozzle thus increasing the value of the generated vacuum. Compared to single-stage ejectors, such as, for example, inline ejectors, multi-stage ejectors use less compressed air to achieve the same suction power.

The main benefit of using multi-stage ejectors is short evacuation times at low vacuum levels.

FIPA multi-stage ejectors are used in applications that support porous products, such as insulation materials, cardboard elements and fiberboard. When working in air-tight materials, multi-stage ejectors obtain moderately good evacuation times.

The multi-chamber ejectors with automatic air-saving function can significantly reduce the consumption of compressed air in Pick & Place applications that transfer air-tight products such as plastics or sheet metal. The air-saving function automatically stops the vacuum generation in certain cases, for example when further handling processes are delayed. The multi-stage ejectors with the automatic air-saving function are marked with the LSE index.

The FIPA multi-chamber ejectors with automatic air-saving function consume less compressed air when filling the vacuum tank.

FIPA heavy-duty ejectors in a compact aluminum housing are robust vacuum generators that work reliably under all conditions. The heavy-duty ejectors compensate for variations in compressed air pressure from 3 to 6 bar, thus ensuring the highest process reliability.

FIPA heavy-duty ejectors are suitable for creating a vacuum in applications that support lightweight and medium weight items. They work great in the building materials, wood and packaging industries.

The square design allows convenient, parallel installation of several ejectors next to each other.

In the case of applications where it is important to achieve short cycles FIPA offers models with an additional blow-off input. Process monitoring can be carried out by connecting a suitable vacuum circuit breaker.

We also offer appropriate silencers..

FIPA compact ejectors are already small and are extremely economical thanks to the pressure control and air saving functions. Regardless of the porosity of the object being conveyed, the EMM, EKP and EKPP series pumps reduce air consumption by up to 50%. The combination of pressure control and air saving elements and electronic automatic air saving functions in the EMA series saves up to 97% when working with non-porous objects.Thanks to the electronic blow-off function and vacuum control, the FIPA compact ejectors achieve very short cycle times - ideal for Pick & Place applications, for packaging, sheet forming, automotive and woodworking.

All FIPA compact ejectors are equipped with integrated open silencers that significantly reduce the noise level.

The block design characterizing the compact ejectors EMM and EMA saves space.

FIPA transport ejectors are universal vacuum generators that can work in any position. They can be safely used for the transport of bulk materials, such as tablets, granules and powders, as well as gases, vapors, fumes, chips and many more. Thanks to the high suction power, the FIPA transport ejectors are also suitable for powering the suction cups for carrying porous objects with a high degree of leakage. Thanks to these properties, they are often used in the metal industry as well as in the wood industry and plastics, as well as in the textile and food industry.

One of the main advantages of FIPA transport ejectors is their continuous operation without heat release, which eliminates the risk of ignition of transported goods. Their maintenance-free design with no moving parts enables use in difficult conditions. FIPA transport ejectors do not require power connection, such as piston pumps or side channel blowers.

We offer FIPA transport ejectors with different diameters that can work with high flow rates at low and high vacuum levels.

EFO transport ejectors for small diameters provide low suction power at medium vacuum levels. As a result, they can overcome height differences during the transport of granules.

Series of ejectors 65.701-S - 65.731-S are made of stainless steel so that they can be used to transport foodstuffs and abrasive materials in the form of powder and granules.