Lifting cylinders

FIPA offers various models of lifting cylinders operated by compressed air or underpressure. Because of very short work cycle (in some models independent of the weight transferred) FIPA lifting cylinders are suitable for very dynamic automated applications - they are particularly well-suited for Pick & Place applications.

FIPA lifting cylinders – operated with compressed air – are equipped with integrated ejectors for vacuum generation. They are optimised for stacking and destacking products of all kinds.

In models for flat and high suction picking, the lifting cylinders extend outward when depressurised. The cycle times of these series of lifting cylinders operated with compressed air are influenced neither by the lift, nor the weight.

The lifting cylinder series with blow-off function achieves extremely short cycle times when depositing as a result of the compressed air impulse. They are suited to stacking and destacking thin and fragile products, such as labels and veneer.

FIPA lifting cylinders – vacuum-operated – also called vacuum lifting cylinders, are preferred for stacking and destacking thin and fragile products such as veneers, cards and signs as well as for Pick & Place applications.

With vacuum lifting cylinders, the short cycle times required by automation and handling systems can be achieved with process reliability.

FIPA offers four different models of vacuum-operated lifting cylinders with lift lengths of 17, 25,30, 40 mm.