Cogrip V8 gripper

Cogrip V8 gripper

Cogrip V8 gripper allows collaborative robots pick up various items. Construction with 8 suction cups helps effectively handle objects with different shapes and materials. Thanks to the adjustable construction, the spacing between suction cups and height of the gripper can be easily configured.

Main benefits:

  • Fast and easy assembling and connection
  • Quick adjustment of the gripper by mechanical adjustment of the spacing and height of suction cups
  • Reduction of tool changing costs
  • It is possible to use different types and sizes of suction cups
  • Mechanical adapters and electrical plugs that fit most cobots (Franka Emika, HCR, UR, Omron, and others)
  • 2 independent ejectors and control valves

Technical data:

  • Number of sucction cups - 8 [2 rows of 4 suction cups]
  • Range of spacing in length - 70-220 mm
  • Range of spacing in width - 40-120 mm
  • Height for each suction cup - 40-120 mm
  • Working pressure -1-6 bar [depending on the lifting capacity]
  • Payload - 10.5 kg
  • Weight of the gripper - 1.4 kg
  • Suction nozzle connection - M6
  • Degree of protection IP 54
  • Working temperature - from -10°C to + 50°C