Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket

We have appropriate fixing brackets for all models of air scissors and nippers.

Mounting clamps for air nippers

  • Space-saving assembly of air nippers on extrusions and special machines
  • The clamps are part of air nipper fittings GT-NR10ST2 to GT-NR30ST2

Gripper clamps

  • Mounting of the grippers to the air nippers for holding the sprue during the cutting process
  • Optimal adjustment by using elbow gripper arms

Clamps with angle brackets – for direct mounting

  • Mounting bracket for installation on grippers or special machines
  • Easy positioning of the air nipper thanks to 2x 90° adjustable design
  • Versatile thanks to alternative installation using slot nuts or threaded shaft holder
  • Slot nuts and mounting screws for installation on FIPA SLine and MLine extrusions included in scope of delivery