ID grippers

ID grippers

The FIPA expansion grippers are used to grip with use of opening or cavity in the part. The range of diameters of expansion grippers is from 3 to 85 mm. Grippers with diameters from 3 to 10 mm can be used for direct contact with food. The operation of the expansion gripper is based on a pneumatic actuator which, by squeezing the elastic bellows, causes it to expand. Such a gripper structure is optimal from the point of view of safety - the air pressure does not act directly on the bellows, which eliminates the risk of its breaking.

ID grippers for diameters 8 - 81 mm

  • Single-acting grippers with high holding force
  • Gripper bellow expanded by pneumatically driven piston, clamps workpiece at its inner surface
  • Ventilation of gripper resets piston and bellow and releases workpiece
  • Piston movement adjustable to position of gripped object
  • Holding force controlled by feed pressure
  • Robust body, made of anodized, high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Elastomer bellows available in EPDM or silicone
  • Easy and non-destructive exchange of bellows
  • Piston movement adjustable to position of gripped object, bellow is not inflated, no risk of bursting

  • Downward piston movement (workpiece pushed):
  • Clamp the black part of gripper body or using optional extension tubes or threaded mounting brackets
  • Upward piston movement (workpiece drawn):
  • Clamp the red part of gripper body

  • NOTES: Not for sale for Italy, San Marino and America

Extension tubes for ID grippers

  • Extension tubes with rear-side compressed air connection and through hole
  • For mounting ID grippers to angle clamps
  • Suitable for ID grippers GR04 with index F
  • Not compatible with ID grippers with index N

Mounting brackets for ID grippers

  • Mounting brackets for variable angle installation of ID grippers
  • Clamping grippers to upper part (red) enables upward movement, workpiece is drawn
  • Clamping grippers to bottom part (black) or clamping to extension tube enables downward movement, workpiece is pushed
  • Suitable for ID grippers GR04 with index F

Threaded mounting brackets

  • Threaded mounting brackets for installation the grippers on profiles
  • Threaded mounting bracket enables downward movement of piston of ID gripper, workpiece is pushed
  • Suitable for ID grippers GR04 with index F
  • Slot nuts and mounting screws included in scope of delivery