Quality policy

Our company's ambition is to develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of automation and robotization, which, meeting customer expectations, improve production processes. In addition, we support our clients by providing suction cups, EAOT components and parts made according to individual specifications.

The overriding goal for us is to constantly increase customer satisfaction and trust, create the highest quality products and services, and take care of the company's development and increase employee satisfaction.

The implementation of this policy is supported by the quality management system implemented in the company, compliant with the ISO 9001 standard.

Thanks to the adopted rules of the system:

- we set customer requirements, provide assistance in selecting optimal solutions for them, and carry out the commissioned work reliably and comprehensively,

- we expand the range of products and services offered, implement new technologies and constantly improve the skills of our employees,

- we cooperate with proven and reliable suppliers, building partnership relations with them,

- we shape the awareness of responsibility for products among staff,

- we constantly improve the effectiveness of the company's quality management system and operations.


The assumptions of the Policy constitute an obligation towards our clients and are known and respected by all Dentec employees.