FIPA Quick-change systems square "S"

FIPA Quick-change systems square S

FIPA S series Quick Change is square and manual system avaliable at four sizes to meet the international standard. Quick attachment of the base plate and pneumatic connectors allow for easy and efficient tool replacement. We also offer base plates with shock absorption, which compensate for the vibrations caused by the ejector's work, are great in applications for pickup molds injection details. Made of durable anodised aluminum alloy, the four sizes of square quick-change systems work with a lifting range from 5 to 40kg. Optionally, quick change systems can also be made in stainless steel.

FIPA Quick-change systems square "S" robot side


  • Manual interface between robot and gripper system
  • Minimized down time due to fast gripper change
  • Available in four sizes
  • Clamping levers included in scope of delivery
  • Base plates and pneumatic connections not included in scope of delivery

FIPA Quick-change systems square "S" gripper side spring loaded

  • Base plate for compensating ejection stroke of molding machine
  • High-quality slide bearings ensure accurate guidance
  • A second set of springs with higher spring rate included in scope of delivery
  • Slot nuts and mounting screws included in scope of delivery

FIPA Quick-change systems square "S" Wall brackets for plates

  • Efficient storage of gripping systems
  • Fixing kit included in delivery

Adapter for S Series quick change systems

  • Mount grippers with smaller dovetail plate to a larger robot side
  • No tools required