Connector, adaptor and extension cables for teach panels

The connector cable between the controller cabinet and the portable teach panel has to reliably fulfil its operating functions over the long term. In addition to voltage and control signals, safety-related process functions for the enabling switch and emergency off switch must transmitted reliably.

We offer a large selection of relevant connection-ready cabling systems that are compatible with almost all controller generations on the market and designed to meet the quality, reliability and conformity requirements specified in the various manufacturer standards. All components undergo extensive quality and functionality checks – our QA documentation can be provided on request.

Our connection and extension cables for portable teach panels are available for robot controls systems from ABB, COMAU, FANUC, KAWASAKI, KEBA, KUKA, PANASONIC, REIS, STÄUBLI, SIEMENS and YASKAWA in standard lengths of 10 m and 20 m for connection cables and 10 m, 15 m and 20 m for extension cables. We currently offer adapter cables for KUKA and SIEMENS robot control systems in lengths of 0.3 m (KUKA) and 0.2 m (SIEMENS).

KUKA KRC2 & KRC4 SmartPAD 1/2
98991030201010 KUKA KRC2 10m
98993004010010 KUKA KRC4 10m SmartPad1
98991030801010 KUKA KRC4 10m SmartPad2

KUKA KRC4/-SmartPAD1/ FANUC R30iB/-Plus
98995002401003 KUKA KRC4 Adaptercable SmartPad1 0,3m
98995030410010 KUKA KRC4 Extensioncable 10,0m
98991050700005 FANUC R30iB/-Plus Adaptercable 0,5m
98995050740010 FANUC R30iB/-Plus Extensioncable 10,0m

Technical Specifications 
Nominal voltage: 250V  Number of cycles: From 1 to 10 million depending on the application type 
Test voltage: 2500V  Conductor: Extremely flexible fine pitch thread of bare copper wires (EN 60228, Class 2)
Minimum bend radius: 7,5 x D  Insulation: TPE-E 
Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C  Identification: DIN 47100 (colour-coded) 
Maximum speed of movement: 250m/min (in combination with drag chain) Cabling: In concentric layers with optimised series cabling
Maximum acceleration / delay: 40 m/s2 (in combination with drag chain) Shield: Tinned copper braid 
Maximum horizontal movement (reach): 100 m (in combination with a drag chain) Outer sheath: PUR