Sumcab robotics cables

Sumcab robotics cables

The highly flexible applications common in the robotics industry place high demands on the mechanical, chemical and thermal durability of the installed robot cable systems, which must withstand millions of bending, torsional, and traction cycles in addition to being resistant to a plethora of environmental influences.

At Dentec, we perfectly know and understand these needs, which is why we always focus on individual solutions tailored to the business requirements of our clients.

Our permanent offer includes the highest quality, specialized robotic cables produced by our partner - Sumcab Robotics.

SUMCAB Robotics as a subsidiary of the Spanish SUMCAB Group has upon 20 years of know-how in special cable production. Production takes place in Spain's first ever cable factory, a state-of-the-art production centre, which enables to work with a wide variety of raw materials and to develop products of the highest possible quality, which naturally comply fully with the relevant ROH and Reach guidelines and all other applicable standards.

The SUMCAB Group prioritises the quality of its products and services above all else. By investing effort and resources in the quality and longevity of the products they continuously optimise their production processes, thus maintaining an outstanding price-performance ratio.