The SUMOSLIDE features an extremely compact design and a linear forward and backward movement of the spring carriage. These design features prevent tight bending radii and looping on the robot. This makes the SUMOSLIDE ideally suited for guiding corrugated tubeless components such as suction hoses, feed hoses or heating hoses.

Due to its compact design, the SUMOSLIDE enables a slim guidance of the hose package on the robot arm, which reduces pinch points and the risk of wear and damage, making it the ideal solution for smaller installation spaces.

The screwless system holder enables the replacement of the guided cable or dresspack without tools.


Benefits of the System:

  • Variable expansion option due to prefabricated drilling pattern
  • Low space requirement due to flat design
  • Ideal for guiding feed hoses
  • For smaller installation spaces
  • Twin and multiple solutions possible
  • Maintenance-friendly