FIPA spring levellers compensate for product height tolerances and enable thegentle handling of delicate products without additional control technology.

A single spring, internal or external depending on the model, cushions the touch down of the vacuum cup. Torsionally rigid models allow the use of oval vacuum cups.

FIPA spring levellers are designed for grippers with rapid cycle times in highly dynamic applications.

The versatile selection of suction cup accessories for height and level compensation is available from FIPA in a variety of models and lifts:

  • FIPA standard spring levellers – SZ-NIV-S – tested at many applicatons
  • FIPA spring levellers with internal spring – SZ-NIV-I – dirt-protected spring
  • FIPA heavy duty spring levellers – SZ-NIV-HD – precise positioning and durable
  • Spring levellers with threaded connector – universal application
  • Spring levellers for direct vacuum cup installation series SZ-NIV-DI/DA – System integration without additional fittings