FIPALIFT swift tube lifters

The FIPALIFTswift is an ergonomic tube lifter with a lifting capacity of up to 40 kg. It is designed for the rapid and frequent handling of heavy loads. Whether parcels or crates, canisters or barrels. Even suitcases or bags in baggage handling at airports pose no problem.


Main features of the FIPALIFTswift vacuum lifter:
  • Up to 40 kg load capacity
  • Intuitive one-handed operation
  • Ergonomic and efficient
  • Robust and durable
  • Working without effort
  • Facilitates handling of cardboard packages, bags, canisters, barrels, boxes, etc.
  • For applications in all industries


The user-friendly control handle allows you to work intuitively, quickly as well as smoothly and reduces the risk of injury caused by manual handling. There is also no need for extensive training. In addition to its excellent ergonomics, the FIPALIFTswift scores points for its outstanding efficiency and durability. A wide range of accessories makes the FIPALIFTswift a reliable solution for all industries where goods have to be moved in large numbers from one point to the next. If one of our accessories is not suitable for your application, we will be happy to take on the challenge and develop a customised solution for you.

Accessories shown in the picture:

1. The ergonomic control handle enables heavy loads to be lifted easily, smoothly and quickly. The controls are suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

2. An integrated 90° angle joint together with 360° rotation enables f lexible lifting. The optional quick-change system also ensures that the load handling attachments can be replaced easily and smoothly.

3/4 The FIPALIFTswift has a wide range of load handling attachments. These can be used to handle different objects and applications.

3. FORMHAND − our freely deformable gripping pad

4. Load hook for lifting canisters