FORMHAND − Universal gripping pad for flexibilisation of production & logistics



Production and in-house logistics are becoming increasingly complex and require efficient solutions to handle a wide variety of lifting processes. With universally applicable grippers that offer maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, your company can also hold its own in the market. The FORMHAND technology is ingeniously simple: the freely deformable gripping pad with a gripping surface of 300 mm x 200 mm is filled with freely movable granulate and nestles seamlessly against any surface. As soon as a vacuum is applied to the system, it becomes firm and fixes the gripped object. This enables the FORMHAND to gently pick up objects with complex and changing geometries. Moreover users have easy access as the gripping pad can be changed without any tooling. A quick-change adapter connects the FORMHAND to the tube lifter FIPALIFTpro. This picks up objects without a flat surface or flexible goods, for which conventional solutions with vacuum cups fail, up to a weight of 25 kg in a process-safe manner.