FIPALIFT tube lifters

FIPALIFT tube lifters

FIPALIFT is a high quality and durable vacuum lifter available in three versions: Expert, Smart and Basic. FIPALIFT lifters are vacuum lifters that use suction power to hold and lift goods without the need for physical exertion.

In contrast to traditional lifting devices, such as chain hoists, working with FIPALIFT does not require blocking, stacking and moving the load. FIPALIFT vacuum lifters provide fast and efficient work. FIPALIFT is an innovative technology that will optimize the transfer of loads in your company.

FIPALIFT Basic is a multi-purpose, budget lifter that can be used in many industries. The FIPALIFT Basic lift can carry loads of weight not exceeding 55kg.

FIPALIFT Smart has been designed for the rapid transfer of light and medium loads. FIPALIFT Smart is most often used for palletizing and conveying cartons and boxes, which makes it mainly used in warehouses and logistic centers. The ergonomic shape of the elevator controller allows for efficient and light work.

FIPALIFT Expert is a professional version of the FIPA vacuum lifter for heavy loads. It is used to carry unusual loads, such as boards, sheets and glass, but it can also be used to carry bags, large boxes and cartons. The solid construction makes it suitable for working in difficult conditions, such as carpentry and sheet metal workshops, chemical and food industry.

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