FIPA Spider lifting systems

FIPA Spider lifting systems

Due to faster and easier operation, vacuum lifters are generally considered to be better than classic lifting devices. When working with Spider vacuum lifters, it is enough to push the vacuum cups to the area to be gripped and press the button activating the valve with negative pressure.

FIPA Spider is a vacuum truss, which was developed in the "plug & play" technology and designed to work with cranes or hoists.

FIPA Spider lifts are used for carrying panels and sheets. Vacuum lifters are primarily used in the wood, tin and glass processing industries. With the use of FIPA Spider vacuum lifters, placing elements in machine tools and storing them is much easier.

FIPA Spider is available in two versions: with a lifting capacity of up to 250 and up to 500 kg.

We also offer chain hoists and hoists, cooperating with FIPA vacuum traverse. At Dentec, we provide complete service: design, testing and installation of a ready solution.