Bellows vacuum cups SB

FIPA SB Series bellows vacuum cups allow safe handling of fragile items. The bellows vacuum cups perfectly compensate for differences in height and angle on the surface of the lifted elements. The higher the number of bellows, the better compensation. With the increase in the number of bellows, the lateral stability decreases, therefore we recommend using bellows and multi folds ellowsbonly in applications where they work in a vertical position.

FIPA presents a wide range of bellows and multi folds bellows vacuum cups, from universal models and resistant to high temperatures to specialized series, such as bellows vacuum cups for dynamic transfer of sheet metal, detectable bellows vacuum cups for the bakery industry, vacuum cups dedicated for egg transfer, bellows vacuum cups with special fastening for packing machines popular on the market and large diameter vacuum cups for carrying heavy items.

Non-marking vacuum cups made of Thermalon® and HNBR material have been designed for removing injection molders from hot plastic parts.

FIPA vacuum cup and bellows made of Varioflex Ⓡ material are ideal for packaging, palletizing and transfer systems.