Flat vacuum cups SF

FIPA SF Series flat vacuum cups provide high stability and precise positioning of the transferred element. The low internal volume of the suction cup makes them ideal for dynamic applications where a low cycle time is required.

Flat FIPA vacuum cups are dedicated to work in horizontal and vertical applications, for transporting components with smooth surfaces. Many models have internal ribbing to compensate for lateral forces, preventing deformation of the objects being moved. FIPA vacuum cups with inner ribs are best suited for carrying thin sheets of sheet metal and foil.

The portfolio of FIPA flat vacuum cups includes, among others, universal models, vacuum cups resistant to high temperatures from Thermalon Ⓡ material, anti-slip cups, models with flexible or curved lips, vacuum cups with a low stroke or permanently mounted, also available specialized models, eg dedicated to the dynamic transfer of metal sheets, flat vacuum cups for chocolates or silicone dedicated for transporting pipes.