Sprue grippers

FIPA sprue grippers are the best choice when it comes to safe and precise removal of parts from the injection mold and general transfer of plastic parts.

We offer grippers with grip detection, which are able to detect the presence of elements smaller than 1mm. The use of grippers with detection guarantees a safe and secure grip.

The most popular solution for applications receiving hot parts from injection molds is the 100 series equipped with jaws made of yellow HNBR. Covering each side of the jaws with HNBR makes the gripping process gentle and prevents scratches. An additional benefit resulting from the use of the 100 series clamps is the lack of gaps between the jaws in the closed position.

The solution for large components are the extendable 840 series grippers that are capable of gripping flat surfaces with great force and are therefore ideal for removing car bumpers and dashboards. Cylinders used in the gripper enable precise gripper access to the received part and its transfer to a specific position.